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Follow your guide, depending on the season: "Discovery of Thionville", "Parks and gardens", "Christmas in Thionville". Prolong you stay by doing some shopping if you don't want to severe all ties with this appealing city. The end of the afternoon is drawing near and your hotel awaits: enjoy your meal!
Second day: You've had breakfast and the day looks great. You are indeed invited by the owners of the gorgeous 18th century La Grange castle. The doors open, open your eyes too, it's worth it! Outside, let yourself be enthralled by its gorgeous park listed as a "Jardins sans limites" site (the "Jardins sans limites", "limitless gardens" is a network of cross-border gardens you can visit from April to October. The network spreads from Moselle and Sarre to Luxembourg).
It's already diner time! Comfortably sitting on your bus, you will head to the Thermal and Touristic Center of Amnéville-les-Thermes. Enjoy the Villa Pompei inspired from the Romans or take a stroll in the zoo, one of the most beautiful in Europe!

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