9 Rue Saint-Nicolas
57480 RETTEL

Duration of visit: 1h
  • Langue parlée : Allemand
  • Pets allowed


Here is a very curious building in the heart of the picturesque village of Rettel located on the right bank of the Moselle...
Curious indeed as its architecture cannot leave you indifferent, with its mullioned windows and its remarkable spiral staircases recalling the time of the knights without forgetting the wall paintings, the beautiful estrich ceilings and the sumptuous fireplace with its sculpted mantle.
Curious also because you will quickly understand that this house knew several lives, as the coat of arms decorating the front door lets it glimpse. House of the batellerie, house of the tithe, house of dwelling and more recently house-museum...
Have we aroused your curiosity? So much the better, because your guide is eager to tell you his story! No need to make an appointment: Mr. Maret awaits you every Sunday at 3:00 pm for a captivating 1-hour visit in the cool of the summer heat!
Enjoy your visit!

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Resumption of activity in 2020 : yes


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Group 2 €
Child 1 €

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