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A carpenter by training and an artist by passion, Toun is a purely self-taught man who has chosen to devote his life to the plastic arts: sculpture, drawing, painting, writing... one almost wonders what string is missing from his bow...
Depending on his inspiration, he can work with limestone, Jaumont stone, sandstone or marble, but also with wood (especially the fruit trees in his own orchard), metal and many other materials...
Without knowing it, you have probably come across some of his monumental pieces in France, Germany or Luxembourg.
As far as we are concerned, we have a soft spot for "Regard sur la Paix", his work created in 1991 on the occasion of the Franco-German sculpture symposium "Les Menhirs de l'Europe", both for its beauty and for its pacifist symbolism.
While waiting for you to visit this fabulous workshop again, we thought of you by taking some pictures to allow you to wait. So, nice discovery!

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